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C.J. Watson on His Interests in Technology, Its NBA Connection and More | News

tech stuff
Growing up among the flashing lights and technologically advanced amenities of Las Vegas, C.J. Watson became enamored with technology at a young age. As an NBA veteran, he’s taken advantage of his bigger platform by getting immersed on Google’s campus last summer, sitting in on meetings, studying how the company builds products and seeing how they hire new employees. LEARN MORE


Wearable Technology In NBA Comes With Positives, Concerns | Columns

CJs tech
Wearables are a blast into the future. It’s interesting to imagine how technology can and will be used in the future as new items are produced that deliver more and more information. In the NBA, wearables can give fans a completely new look into the game. On one hand, they can bring the fan into in-game conversations, what a team is saying during timeouts, what goes on in the locker room and the weight room. This insight shows a cool side of what NBA players do on game day or practice day. On the business side, I think this kind of access should be a paid subscription. READ MORE


Former Gorman standout C.J. Watson talks Zimmerman, his own NBA future | Interview

He’s playing for his fifth team in 10 NBA seasons, but former Bishop Gorman standout C.J. Watson’s stern-yet-humble demeanor, mixed with an occasional smile, was on full display Tuesday as his rebuilding Orlando Magic team ran through morning shootaround in the nation’s capital — just hours before an evening matchup with the hometown Washington Wizards. READ MORE

C.J. Watson Among NBA Players Who Had ‘Mind-Blowing’ Visit To Google | News

When Orlando Magic guard C.J. Watson set foot on the Google campus in Mountain View, Calif., he wore the customary rainbow hat with the propeller on top. In his head on that day in July, the wheels were turning. “I think things are going to go mechanical, like the self-driving cars,” Watson said of the future. “I feel like the world is going to robots.” Watson participated in the NBA’s Career Crossover program this summer, and before the start of the season, he got an opportunity at Google to envision what the world might look like by the time the 32-year-old’s playing career comes to an end. READ MORE 

Watson's NBA Journey More Unique Than Most Players | News

CJs Journey
In many ways, C.J. Watson’s professional basketball career – one highlighted by his circuitous route, some moments of doubt and his survivor spirit – will come full circle on Sunday in, of all places, this tiny town along the Texas/Mexico border. It was in the out-the-way town of Hidalgo, Texas, where Watson started playing in the NBA’s Development League and laid the groundwork for a career that has spanned nine years and five NBA teams. Watson, now 31 and a valuable reserve guard for the Orlando Magic, admitted that just walking into arena in Hidalgo will be a downright surreal feeling. READ MORE